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2012: Is it just another natural disaster movie?

December 23, 2009

The answer is YES. I was lurrrred in by the simple brilliance of this teaser:

There were no famous actors, no The Day After Tomorrow visuals-  it was just plain COOL. But then this trailer appeared…

…something inside me died. I would usually stay clear of reviews and trailers (especially for a blockbuster film) but I was not able to escape. As more trailers were released, my desire for this film slowly flat lined.

Not matter how many decades have past and how many natural disaster movies flood our screens,  we must expect corny moments between old flames, scenes that strengthen parent-child relationships, and we must NOT be disappointed when the celebrity cast DONT DIE.

To see a film such as this, you must have low narrative expectations and high expectations for special effects. If you believe in this concept, then you will enjoy this film. There were many jaw-dropping moments brought on by special effects, and this part of the experience was brilliant. It was nice to see John Cusack in this lead role, rather than an actor like Nic Cage or Tom Cruise. But I must admit, I believe he suits quirky and alternative films much more than commercial blockbusters such as these.

But the question lies, why shouldn’t we have high narrative expectations on modern Sci Fi/Action blockbusters? Is poor narrative justified by the high quality of special effects? Why cant we have both? Would that be asking too much? The bottom line is that these films are sold through their visual aesthetics.  Film producers are less concerned about the plot. This is truly a shame, but the world must go on…

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