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A Christmas Carol: in 3D!!

November 9, 2009

A Christmas Carol (2009) the latest adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic novel. You watch this film, knowing exactly what you are getting. You know the story- at least you should by now! Christmas television airs an adaptation of this story at least 479 times-  played by z-class actors or the muppets (I prefer the muppets version). So the only reasons why you would see the film is: the brilliant voices of Jim Carrey, the amazing talent of director Robert Zemeckis, the amazing animation (with the option of  3D), introducing a classic tale to a new generation and because you want to get into the Christmas spirit as early as the shopping centres do!

I chose to see the film in 3D. Having seen Up (2009) and Coraline (2009) in 3D, I expected that this film would have employed the 3D effects on absolutely everything, but that wasn’t the case. When the spirit of Christmas Past, takes Scrooge flying into the past, the 3D effects were amazing, and I felt the same way with any scene that contained falling slow. However, there were so many other sequences that would have benefited from this effect. It was a shame that this was the case. In addition, I prefer Pixar/Dreamworks-style and stop motion animation over this video game style animation, but I didn’t let these feelings get in the way of my movie experience.

On a positive note, Jim Carrey was amazing. He played eight characters- and the animators even made each of these characters look like animated relatives of Carrey. Furthermore, it felt like A Christmas Carol was another of Robert Zemeckis’s- who has also directed Forest Gump (1994), Back to the Future II & III (1989 & 1990), and the history making Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)- Christmas fantasies come to life. Zemeckis had also directed and written the 2004’s The Polar Express. A Christmas Carol definitely illustrated how much Zemeckis has grown since 2004 and also how animation effects have developed over 5 years!

If you are intrigued by this adaptation, I truly recommend for you to take a look. Otherwise, just wait till commercial television airs the film during the christmas season for the next 283 years

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