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Up Up and Away!

September 18, 2009

This week, I saw UP (2009) in 3D!
If I needed one word to describe it, I would say ‘BEAUTIFUL’.
This is the tenth feature film where Disney and Pixar have combined their special (and very sweet) forces to create family-friendly entertainment.

What I love about this film, and most films in which Pixar and Disney have created, is the fact that they are not your usual kids story. From the moment UP (2009) began, I didn’t feel old or too young; it was as if this film as age-neutral. It never occurred to me that I was watching a film that is dominantly targeted at children.
Since the days of Toy Story (1995), Disney & Pixar have produced films that not only entertaining for children but also adults. I have no idea why it took the film industry till 1995 to do this! Why not entertain the parents who must pay for their ticket, their children’s ticket, plus popcorn and a coke! All it takes if a few discreet adult jokes placed in areas of the film that wont confuse the underage audience.

UP (2009) begins with the story of young Carl Fedricksen, whose love for adventure is dominated by his fear of it. He them meets young Ellie, a cute yet nerdy adventurer who takes a liking to Carl almost instantly. After we are introduced to this perfect pair, a montage begins. This montage was the most perfect moment in the film. With the simple technique of putting images to piano music, this montage opens your tear gates. We see young Carl and Ellie get married, face the pickles of life, grow old together, and face the inevitable heartaches. This scene is a perfect example of where the personal and emotional feelings of the audience member, together, enhance the cinematic experience. LUCKILY your 3D nerd glasses hide your tears, and no one will ever know!

The amazing element of this film is that the main character is an old man. For a film targeted to children a film about an elderly and bitter gentleman is not the first concept that comes to mind. When thinking about this, I recalled my first impression of the character Wall-E (from the 2008 film Wall-E), who always reminded me of Woody Allan. Maybe old unattractive males protagonists are the new favourite concept for Disney Pixar producers? Whatever it is, it worked.

The only criticism I have for UP (2009), is that I wished that Russel and Carl explored more of ‘South Africa’ and was given the opportunity to find more jungle creatures. It felt as if the jungle only consisted of an amazing rare bird and talking dogs.

This film takes an elderly man, who hates the idea of a ‘luxury retirement resort’, and a child, who desires a father-figure, and illustrates a growing friendship that seems somewhat rare in the real world.
If you love a creative and original storyline, then this is the one for you.This film is doing super well in the box office, but that doesn’t mean you should download it! The 3D experience is well worth your mulla! Plus, having 3D movies in regular cinemas is a great new concept and one that enhanced the animation experience!

Till next time,


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